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In this page you will find all sort of video tutrials for various applications, some in hebrew and some are silent. in both cases they are very graphic and easy to understand. I'll be glad to hear your opinion about them, to get feedback and other thoughts.

Also if you think about other tutorials you'd like to see in Max, Maya, After FX, Photoshop etc. feel free to ask for it, i'll do my best to create tutorial upon requests.






Here's a document I've written about freelancing in the 3D world - the pros and cons, how to handle clients, how to price projects, etc. I hope that my experience will help others steer clear of mistakes I did when I started working. I’ll be glad to add views and thoughts on that matter by others, I believe that through information sharing we can create a better working environment. (It's in Hebrew, if someone wants to translate it, I'll be more than happy to assist)

I call it “How to get started in the freelance world of 3D”



הנה מאמר שכתבתי על נושא פרילנס בתחום התלת מימד - יתרונות מול חסרונות, איך לעבוד מול לקוחות, כיצד לתמחר פרוייקטים, וכו'. אני מקווה שהניסיון שלי יאפשר לאחרים להמנע מטעויות שעשיתי בתחילת דרכי. אשמח להוסיף מחשבות וזוויות של אחרים, אני מאמין שדרך שיתוף מידע נוכל ליצור סביבת עבודה טובה יותר. המסמך בעברית, אם מישהו חפץ לתרגם אותו, אשמח לעזור.

אני קורא לו " מורה נבוכים לפרילנס המתחיל בתלת מימד".

PDF How to get started in the freelance world of 3D



Setting up orthographic planes for modeling - 18.7.10

click to watch HD version on vimeo

in this tutorial we'll go over how to setup building planes using orthographic images, the importance of scales and layers,how to assign textures and shaders, how to make sure the bitmaps are shown in the highest resolution, how to assign shortcut keys to important commands.

source files (i'm not the owner of their copyrights)

Max 2009, Hebrew



Dynamic hair curves in Maya - 18.7.10

click to watch HD version on vimeo

in this tutorial we'll go over a simple method of converting splines to dynamic hair strand, how to control them and how to use them as deformers for geometry. this is of course a starting point to do a lot of things...

oh.. and i'm sorry about the screeching in the background, my mic isn't feeling well at all...

Maya 2009, English



3D Strokes in Maya / Max - 21.2.10

click to watch HD version on vimeo

this tutorial goes over the technique of creating 3D strokes, both in Maya and in Max.

Max/Maya 2009, English, 33:21 minutes


Maya Multi UV Set - 29.12.09

click to watch HD version on vimeo

This tutorial explain how to create multiple UV set in maya and how to assign a texture to each UV set.

Maya 2009, English, 16:00 minutes


IK/FK switch - 18.8.09

click to watch HD version on vimeo

this tutorial goes through the process of creating IK/FK switch in maya.

Maya 2009, Hebrew, 30:36 minutes
workfiles (19kb) tutorial+workfiles (165MB)



Multi/Sub material and multi channel uvw mapping - 18.8.09

how to assign different UVW mapping and different textures to an object, also covering mult/Sub materials.
Done in Max 2008 but apply to older versions as well.

Max 2008, Hebrew, 21:11 minutes
workfiles (272Kb) tutorial+workfiles (113MB)


Ambient Occlusion in Maya - Using Mental Ray in Maya to achieve Ambient Occlusion pass and using photoshop to compose the result.  

Maya 2008 Ext 2
15:08 minutes

  81 Mb
Eyes Rig for modeling in Maya- Creating quick and simple eyes rig for modeling characters.  

Maya 2008 Ext 2
No Audio
7:20 minutes

  14 Mb
Fur Baldness map - How to create bald spots for fur in Maya  

Maya 2009
No audio
3:40 minutes

  16 Mb
Rigid body - Intro to rigid bodys in Maya, applying techniques to bowling scene  

Maya 2008 Ext 2
59:09 minutes

  88 Mb
Sound in Maya - How to import sound into Maya, how to use it in a scene and modify it.  

Maya 2008 Ext 2
2:25 minutes

  12 Mb
Wireframe in Mental Ray - how to achieve wireframe renders inside Maya using Mental Ray contours feature  

Maya 2009
4:28 minutes

  22 Mb


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